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Ferzona's Intro Ferzona entered the ARU Big Pitch competition this year and we are pitching Ferzona Events as an idea; Click Here to watch the video pitch and Vote for us! [Just click the like button below the video] If you don't know what The Big Pitch Competition is, let me introduce you to it. The Big Pitch is a 3-stage business competition organised by Anglia Ruskin University and it encourages students with entrepreneurial ideas (business, social enterprise, charity, anything) to come forward and pitch these ideas for a chance to win from a pot of £10,000. The money won will go into developing your idea further, giving you an advantage and an opportunity to go into the world and do exactly what you want to do - to pursue your passion. The Article: I probably gave the most basic intro to The Big Pitch in the above paragraph. It is much more than that. Once you take part in the competition, you will be introduced to AREA - Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Academy . This is where

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