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Reflections of an Entrepreneur

Five - That's the number. And I am still totally amazed that I have been able to do this. 5+ total brands I have been able to build and develop in a total of just about 3 years - Incredible! Brief History: I started the  Ferzona  brand in about 2018 when I was at university with a very  peculiar  offering - Mobile Phone Repair service aimed  exclusively at the student population.  It gained a little traction with my circle of friends and just a little bit wider than that to include their friends as well.  It wasn't anything serious till I got sponsored by my university in 2019 - Anglia Ruskin University, to build a fully-fledged operating business,  after participating in their business idea competition twice -  The Big Pitch.  I was excited; I had just graduated and had the time to focus on growing the business full time. I faced a few issues immediately after starting up...such as, the shutdown of the StartUp Lab within my university that led me on a little journey supporting

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